Flowers: photographs by Hiroyuki Arakawa and Lisa Creagh

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'Flowers' by Hiroyuki Arakawa and Lisa Creagh is an exhibition which will run at The Little Black Gallery from April 30 to June 1 2013, as part of Chelsea Fringe 2013. 

Hiroyuki Arakawa's photographs are a series of intimate studies of white flowers, including tea roses, orchids and astor lillies. The Japan-born photographer began the collection in honour of his mother – a traditional master of flower arrangement and the tea ceremony.

Lisa Creagh's photographs are called the "Instant Garden" series, and are partially inspired by Dutch flower paintings. She takes still-life images of flowers and transforms them digitally into large, intricate patterns. Creagh says the idea for the project came from a series of felt-tip pen drawings she had made. "For years I had been doodling ‘flowers’, a collection of overlapping circles which, once I had started I discovered everywhere; ancient sacred geometry, diagrams of sound, the journey of Venus around the sun and illustrations of the separation of cells by an egg in human reproduction."Creagh been awarded two Arts Council of England ‘Artist Individual Awards’ for the series.


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