News Update: December 15th 2015

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Kickstarter Campaign 2016


In 2016 I plan to relaunch my Kickstarter Campaign to fund a limited edition hardcover book about The Instant Garden. Please subscribe to be kept informed of the campaign. The new campaign will be for approximately £8,000 and will feature new rewards, including more prints, different and exciting textiles and of course, different versions of the book itself.

Running the 2015 campaign has gave me a budget - Kickstarter suggest that if you can raise 30% of your total in the first week, you will reach your target. Their model is based upon backers all over the world watching your progress. If you fail to hit that milestone, chances are you will not reach your target.

So my challenge now is to find a printer who can produce the book for 30% of my original quote. I'm working with Laura Noble to see if there's a printer in Germany that can help...or Wales...or perhaps China. Many photographers have offered me their contacts to help in my search to find a high quality printer at a more affordable price.

The second challenge is to make a film that will really tell my story well...perhaps this time with music and animation...

And thirdly I plan to change the rewards to include smaller digital items (such as downloads) and also bigger ticket items: prints, commissions and possibly even rugs! I am currently in talks with a high-end rug merchant who will help me source and produce samples of The Instant Garden as silk and wool rugs.

So it is going to be good, the next time round...! And I hope you'll be with me again as your support is what makes it all possible....

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