News Update: Thursday 11th November 2015

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Kickstarter Campaign Launches with Limited Edition Scarfs


'Only the Solar System Understands Stars' Silk Satin scarf, limited edition of 75


'When the Time Comes We'll be There' Silk Satin scarf, limited edition of 75


'Autumn's Renewal' Silk Satin scarf, limited edition of 75


'Hold Me in your Arms, it's Cold' Silk Satin scarf, limited edition of 75

To coincide with the my Kickstarter book crowdfunding campaign I have designed four unique satin silk scarves in collaboration with specialist fabric printers Forest Digital.Each of the scarves is a limited edition of 75, with 50 available for purchase via the Kickstarter campaign at a reduced price and another 25 available through galleries and exclusive retailers.

The book is a much-overdue compendium of all the images from The Instant Garden launched today on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. Bringing together almost six years of my work. Beginning with early forays into individual flower portraits, in-camera rotations and multiple exposures, the book continues with experiments in photography including in-camera movement, multiple exposures and rotations.

Showing the development from simple interconnecting circles to elaborate and complex designs, the book culminates in the Floriculture pieces. Each the size and scale of a prized Persian carpet, these unique photographic works create an ‘Instant Garden’, an ancient expression of fecundity in empty space based upon carpets by nomadic tribes. I have written about the relationship between this work and my struggle to conceive a child following a lifelong battle with Endometriosis.

The book is completed by ‘The Trouble with Flowers’ a new essay where I examine the issues women artists face currently face when choosing to work with the universally symbolic symbol of the flower. This  article begins with Dutch Flower painting, fasts forward to the works of Georgia O’Keefe, Judy Chicago and Helen Chadwick before examining current contemporary photographers.

Each scarf is a luxurious 135 x 135cm, of the highest quality and would make a wonderful gift alone or with the book. Due to ship April 2016 the book may be a little late for Christmas but The Art Movement will be taking orders for scarves from November 18th when the large Floriculture 1 and other works will be on show in their new Battersea gallery.

Visit Kickstarter here to support the project


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