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This journey has taken place alongside my work, which both helped me cope and also gave me hope throughout operations, IVF, miscarriages and finally conception.

On the suggestion of The project Room in Chicago, I have begun making a series of podcasts to think and talk more freely about the processes behind The Instant Garden and how it came about. The first one is now on You Tube. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may find it useful or interesting...

Marie Lactans

Lucila Newell with Camillo, 2014

The experience of motherhood has given me great perspective on many things but one aspect I have felt very passionate about is breastfeeding. Lily was tongue tied so I struggled for months to establish a breastfeeding relationship but once I did I felt I was experiencing one of the most wonderful natural phenomena: human milk, designed to heal and nurture child and mother.

It seems strange to me that such a powerful process should be so invisible in our culture, so to this end I have started planning a series of images of breastfeeding 'Madonna Lactans'. Watch this space!

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