Workshop at Royal Brompton Hospital


Breastfeeding with Support: How Can Art Help?

Weds 6th June

Lisa Creagh (artist), Lucila Newell PhD (Sociologist) and Dr Debra Bick RM, BA, MMedSci, PhD (Maternal Health researcher) look at the cultural barriers to public breastfeeding and ask the question: “How can art assist in overcoming cultural barriers to breastfeeding?”

Artist, Mothers, Health Professionals, architects and public policy makers interested in the issue of encouraging and supporting breastfeeding are invited to attend this workshop. Lunch will be included.

Outline: We will kickstart the session with an informal discussion of the issues around breastfeeding in public. Introductory conversation between Lisa Creagh, Lucila Newell, Debra Bick - The Holding Time Project by Lisa Creagh - The social context of breastfeeding barriers - Current research into the needs of breastfeeding mothers post partum

Discussion: - Have you breastfed in public? If so, how did it feel? - If you are a professional, what are your experiences of supporting women through the journey to breastfeeding?

(Break for lunch)

Summary of the morning.

New discussion: - If we would think/dream aloud: What would our ideal support for breastfeeding look like across medical practice, cultural practices/spaces?

Short presentation


Conclusion: what have we learned?

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