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May 1st, 2015​

How do you create your work?

I shoot my flowers in my studio, then bring them into the computer for cleaning up and cutting out. each new work begins with a drawing, onto which I map flowers. My project explores a new role for photography. rather than ‘shot’, this work is carefully ‘made’.

What’s the inspiration behind ‘The Instant Garden’?

We know the story about how the Persians would throw carpets to the ground, creating a ‘garden in the desert’...
It’s a lovely romantic idea that nomadic tribes would carry carpets with them so that when they set up camp, their interiors would be beautifully decorated. the idea really appeals to me. It seems like an opposite to the Western concept of being in a fixed abode, based upon ownership and possessions.

What is the process of creating like for you?

I see the process as very meditative and intuitive. I’ve worked on a computer for so long I can almost withdraw and let my eyes and hands
do the work. It’s very similar
to painting and drawing.

Lisa Creagh’s exhibit, ‘the Instant Garden,’ is on display at Jumeirah lowndes Hotel. Creagh is the second artist in residence at the property through the Art Movement, a fine art consultancy.

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