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Q&A at Jumeirah London

Jumeirah Artist in Residence Programme

Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

18 March to 30 June 2015 at Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel, London

London, 18 February 2015: Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel are proud to announce their second ‘Artist In Residence’ with Lisa Creagh. The elegant hotel aims to demystify the process of acquiring original art by partnering with The Art Movement, the fine art consultancy which sources works by accomplished artists from around the world.

Lisa has received critical acclaim for her originality and technique as a photographic artist. Her ongoing project, The Instant Garden was awarded a development grant by The Arts Council of England in 2010 and has been exhibited widely across Europe, the USA and Asia. Lisa’s work addresses the traditional relationship between photography and narrative.

“My project explores a new role for photography it suggests the possibility of a new positioning of the medium in relation to the tradition of domestic decorative arts and crafts.  Rather than ‘shot’ this work is carefully made,” Lisa explained.

The Instant Garden takes its inspiration from the illusionistic lighting of Dutch Flower Painting and uses digital software to turn photographically ‘real’ flower shots into a pattern which is randomly repeated to create the illusion of a real space that mimics the composition of Arabic carpets.

William Harding, interim General Manager at Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with The Art Movement for our Artist in Residence programme. We believe hotels are catchment areas for culture and today's travellers crave a place with exciting art and elegant design. At Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel we are committed to providing experiences for our guests that reflect the importance of cultural diversity and innovative expression."               

See a conversation about the work here:


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