Alice's Adventures Under Ground

July 7 – 31, 2007

Private view Saturday July 21, 2007 by invitation

Jennie Ricketts Gallery

Alice's Adventures under Ground was the original title Lewis Carroll gave to the work he later renamed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.   Beneath Brighton Lisa Creagh encountered a scene in the tunnel rumoured to have been the inspiration for the rabbit hole in that text.   The tunnel leads from Kemp Town Enclosures in Sussex Square to the seafront where the author had been a frequent visitor between 1862-65 to stay with a friend at no. 11 Sussex Square.  

Photographing in the tunnel one summer, Lisa Creagh says  "I heard laughter and came upon some young girls playing in trees and hanging upside down from branches – just like the Cheshire cat,”  and immediately realised how the author could have felt inspired by such a scene. 

Originally titled Lost in Wonderland and shown in the Brighton Festival 2005, this exhibition pays homage to Lewis Carroll on the anniversary of his first narrating the outlines of the story in July 1862 on a boat trip with the daughters of a friend.   Alice's Adventures under Ground is a surreal replay of the Brighton scenes that could have sparked the author's imagination.  

Lisa Creagh has photographed tunnels for many years, and sees these "in-between spaces as interesting visual metaphors for between-world experiences", and much like Lewis Carroll captures a dream world we can all relate to.  

Alice's Adventures under Ground                

Photography Exhibition by Lisa Creagh
July 7 – 31, 2007

Private view Saturday July 21, 2007 by invitation

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