Wimpole Street Clinic

Hospital managers infront of Floriculture 2, Wimpole Street, London

Installation of works at Wimpole Street Clinic, London

September 2016:I am delighted to have completed the installation ofseveral works for teh opening of a private heart clinic in Wimpole Streeet, London. Featuring the very largest from The Instant Garden series: Floriculture 1, the clinic boasts ten framed pieces from the series. Meeting with Karen Janody, arts officer from RB&HArts who oversaw the purchase and installation, it was great to consider how art in this context can aid the recovery of patients and enhance their experience of medical treatments.

Karen Janody infront of Floriculture 2 in the garden room

For more information about the clinic visit https://www.rbhh-specialistcare.co.uk/about-us/our-locations/77-wimpole-street/


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