Installation at the IVF Clinic, Hammersmith Hospital

(Image courtesy of Hammersmith Hospital)

The Instant Garden was created from the position of having retreated to a garden to hide form the harsh realities of life. At that time I could never imagine how far and wide this work would travel to those who needed most: namely those going through a similar process to me.

When I was creating the Instant Garden, I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Having been told that I would never conceive, I underwent a series of medical procedures, including surgery and IVF.

Coming around from general, I remember wondering why hospitals didn't utilise more the available resources of the arts to assist with this difficult process. I imagined a ward full of colour, with beds furnished with meditative music, breathing exercises, beautiful pictures.

Happily I now see this picture emerging infront of my eyes. Increasingly hospitals and clinics are realising the sage words of Florence Nightingale that it is the spirit, not the medicine that heals the body. Hospitals must facilitate both.

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