Escape Routes, 1995 - 2001

Landing Sites in Greenwich Tunnel, 1995

Escape Routes was a large body of work comprising of photorealistic oils, photographs and digital collage. The starting point was an invitation to create a 'dance installation' with Laban choreographer and dancer, Olu Taiwo and the Landing Sites Collective in 1995.

Inspired by the film '2001: A Space Odyssey', Ulysses, Drum and Bass music, and emerging ideas around virtual reality, Escape Routes was based on the idea of the city as a labyrinth, with rites of passage, and transformations existing in journeys within its borders. The series incorporates abstract, figurative and landscape images, using multiple mediums to create digital collages, oil paintings and an edition of C-Type hand prints.

End of the Empire, 1996

Speilberg's Door, oil on canvas 1999

Created mostly whilst working in film, animation and the web in downtown New York, this work is engaged with ideas around technological advancements, the anxiety of accelerated change and continues my exploration of photography as a medium capable of expressing inner worlds. At this time in my late twenties, I consciously allowed myself to go on walkabout, both emotionally, intellectually and technically. I refined and advanced my understanding of digital software and worked as a software trainer for a dot com, even whilst teaching myself colour darkroom printing and continuing to paint. Once the Durst Lambda printer was created, however, my direction changed to exclusively digital export.

But the ideas behind this work continued to grow into new bodies of work, such as Lost in Wonderland, academic research into photographic documentation of Shamanic healing in the Northern American States in the mid eighteenth century and Little Monsters, a set of digitally constructed photographic portraits of an imagined Illuminati, based upon Native American and African shamanic masks.

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