Diemar Noble Opening - British Summer Time

Weds 6th June 2012


Diemar Noble Gallery are launching a summer show with the theme British / Summer/ Time."It is a testament to the unpredictability of the British SummerTime that it is less a statement of meteorological and seasonal
fact, more an evocation of the quirky, complex and gloriously
contradictory character of our little island. British Summer
Time is both a climate and a state of mind.

Lisa Creagh's floral imagery reminds us that summer is the season
that the world opens out in its vibrant, extrovert glory and all
but the most introverted among us have little choice but to
follow the flora and blossom and bloom with colour; even if
those colours are a painful shade of sunburned pinks on pale
white haunches. ."... read more


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