Beatification, 1991

​Beatification, 1991

This project originated in manipulated Bernini sculptures. Taking images of these Renaissance marbles, each was stretched using a photocopier technique. These were collages back together and then photocopied onto acetate.
The final work was an installation of a sheet of safety glass with acetate images beneath. Once in place, the glass was broken in the centre using a sledgehammer.

The purpose was to attempt to capture, process and reinvent the emotional charge of the original sculpture to discover or release the 'Optical Unconscious' of the image. The work was exhibited as part of my end of year exhibition during my first year at Goldsmiths.

Beatification, 1991 Installation

Beatification came out of research I was undertaking at the time into the suppression of female desire. I was raised in an Irish Catholic community and the potent combination of fear and pleasure to be found in Renaissance art drew my attention from a very early age. The shattered glass was a familiar sight in Coventry in the eighties and the fluid shape of the manipulated Bernini, combined with the instantaneous shock of the sledgehammer created a new hybrid of ancient and modern: something that I have pursued in subsequent works since that time.

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